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Nonton My Mother Prefers Young Men (2016) Sub Indo Online Streaming gratis

My Mother Prefers Young Men (2016)

NC-17Genre: Uncategorized
Year: Duration: 119 MinView: 172 views
6 votes, average 8.8 out of 10

Jane, a 40 something woman works at home giving art classes. Clara, her daughter just turned 18 and has to go across the country to go to college. That leaves Jane plenty of time to fulfill her sex fantasies. Although she has a boyfriend her age, Jane prefers to fuck her young male students or strangers met in bars. With her curvaceous body, her natural tits and an impressive libido, the men she meets never say no before getting in between her legs. Clara on the other hand is attracted by older guys and she likes Eric, her new step-father, a lot. Recently, her mother took advantage of her boyfriend while Clara was away. To make things even, Clara will do anything to see if Eric is such a good fuck.

Tagline:Here’s a mother who takes good care of young men.

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